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At Ericostar we develop embedded products on Linux based environments, provide various services on embedded products during any part of the product lifecycle, and develop applications for Android based mobile phones at a reliable, timely and affordable manner.

1. Embedded Software Development

With our expertise on complete embedded product development lifecycle, we understand major hiccups on completion of a product on time. At Ericostar we provide various services on embedded software development that satisfies business requirements.

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2. Embedded Product Development

With our expertise on embedded hardware & software development, at Ericostar we transform your marketable idea into a saleable product.

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3. Mobile Application Development

To meet the ever-growing challenges on mobile space, we offer custom mobile application development service across a variety of android platform and devices.

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4. Desktop Software Development

Ericostar provides a wide variety of software solution to assist you in managing your business on windows and linux platforms. The customized software application we develop covers the initial system study, design, development, implementation, testing and training. In addition to customized software development, we will also assist with the post-implementation maintenance and further enhancement on existing applications.

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5. Technologies

Ericostar has comprehensive expertise in providing solutions and catering to the customer requirements and delivering the products on time, quality and affordable cost.

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6. Consultancy Service

we provide consulting services on embedded system development, android development and system development services.

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